Contact Us

dusty walterDusty Walter, Superintendent

2-44 Ag Building
Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: 573-999-1541

brent bookerBrent Booker,
Farm Manager

Phone: 573-743-6612

Mailing address

164 Bales Rd.
Cook Station, MO 65449

Driving Directions

Wurdack Farm is located about 2 miles southeast of Cook Station on a gravel road between Cook Station and Highway 19 (see map below).

* From Salem: Hwy 19 north 15 miles to County 337 Road, left 3 miles to farm entrance.

* From Steelville: Hwy 8 west 3 miles to Hwy M, south to Cook Station, follow signs.

* From St. James: Hwy 68 south to Hwy YY, east to Cook Station, follow signs.